Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Painter's Paradise

Painter's Paradise is a supplier of products and surfaces expecially selected for the artists in the Decorative painting industry. Products include:

  • Metal Plates and Trays
  • Metal containers
  • Wire Baskets with Wooden Lids
  • Wood Pieces with interesting design
  • Specialty Easel Lamps
    Decorative painting Supplies
    Pattern Packets
    Painting Books
    Painting Seminars and Classes
    Decorative Flameless Candles

Painter's Paradise was formed in 1998 by it's founders and current owner Jo Lutness. The company was positioned to supply unique products to the artists of the decorative painting industry and to provide services such as training classes and painting seminars to support the growth of decorative painting.

Now, Painter's Paradise sells products to shops and individuals all over the world as an online company.

Visit Painter's Paradise at www.paintersparadise.com

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