Monday, February 23, 2009

Rick Ward Photography

At the age of 16, I borrowed my brother's camera just for fun, a totally manual camera. His only instruction was to keep the needle in the middle to make a picture. When I picked up my prints from the lab, I was hooked. Over the next 25 years, I graduated from college, worked the 9 to 5 jobs, and made a living so I could finance my obsession with my photography hobby. After countless photography workshops, a correspondence photography school, and the school of hard knocks, I realized I could make a living doing what I love the most. Over 12 years ago, I started all over again with a career in photography and haven’t looked back. I look forward to every photographic opportunity from weddings to portraiture to commercial..........and above all, it is still my favorite hobby.

You'll find Rick behind a camera shooting portraits, weddings, commercial jobs, and of course his "first love" scenics. Look for more of Rick's slice-of-life photography at and wedding celebrations at

Artful Origins

I been thinking that we need a blog page just for artful origins, a source where you will find information on artists, supplies, and surfaces. Many of you ask me about sources for art information and supplies, so I hope this site will be helpful, fun, and informative for you.

The links with some wonderful sources and artists are just getting lost on our main blog and need to be appreciated especially since we have access to an exciting world of art on the web.

I'll post links for interesting artists, painting supplies, surfaces, and unique items related to painting. I'll have interviews with artists and businesses for a personal view of their enterprise and their connections to art.

Also, You'll see creative blogs that I am watching. You find these in the right hand column. Let me know if you find artistic blogs that interest you.

Gail has been most helpful with designing this site. What a friend and a wealth of digital design information. We were both cross-eyed by the time it evolved, but we shared a cozy, warm, snowy mountain day cuddled in front of a computer screen. And I'm very pleased with our blog creation.

By the way, Gail will be a special featured artist/business coming soon! She is a great source for mixed media supplies, finished art, on line classes, and inspiration.

You've seen that I've drawn my first featured artist from close to home, my husband, Rick Ward and a wonderful photographer/artist. Be sure to visit Rick's blog for more of his slice-of-life photographs.

Watch as this site develops.