Sunday, April 19, 2009

Shabby Cottage Studio ~ Mixed Media Art Supplies

"Welcome to our world of mixed media, inspiration and imagination.....where we hope to offer a spark for your Creative Muse."

This is the welcome you receive at Shabby Cottage Studio, an online store that opened it's virtual "screen" door in October of 2007. The "Cottage" as Gail Schmidt refers to her store, sells mixed media, altered art and collage supplies. Not only have mixed media artists found this lovely store but decorative artists, scrapbookers and card makers alike. There is a little something for everyone.

As the brainchild of mixed media artist Gail Schmidt, Shabby Cottage Studio has become an umbrella for various artistic endeavors. One of these endeavors is Creative Workshops offering various online art classes. Opening in October of 2008 this site has already grown to over 700 members. Ever evolving, this site offers various teachers and workshops from which to choose, with more exciting teachers in the background creating new classes all the time.

One other endeavor of this busy business woman and artist is a monthly "Art Challenge Contest" you will discover on a blog called Mind Wide Open. This blog began as just a little idea and exploded with a life of it's own as artists answered the call. Here artists are challenged to not only create with the image and word prompt supplied each month by Gail, but to also carve out quality time to create for themselves.

Gail believes that while we as women artists often take care of everyone, we too often neglect ourselves. She says "For me the bottom line is....that you have fun. But just as important is that people are inspired enough to get in their studio, take time for themselves and create. I know some women artists feel guilty when they take time for themselves, so this is a good excuse to silence that guilty button if you have one. And that makes all of you winners."

So if you want to spark your creativity and kindle your inspiration visit all of Gail's exciting sites.

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